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SS Testimonials

I have sold wood for nearly 40 years. I can honestly say your machine has surpassed any expectation or anything I have ever seen or used.

Rodney Rogers
Clinton, IL

I was truly amazed that in my 35 years of cutting wood, I had not seen nor heard of this type of splitter. I still own my 12-ton hydraulic splitter, but it will soon be on Craig's List. Using the two splitters side by side is like using a screwdriver as compared to using a cordless drill.

Bill Slemp
Hudson, NY

The unit I purchased a long time ago is still working perfectly. Wish the rest of the wood splitting world could see this machine. WORTH EVERY CENT!

J. Scott Cassity
Gap Mills, WV

Not only is your system twice as fast [as my old conventional splitter], but I could split wood all day without pain! I even spilt some very knotty oak and maple, and was blown away with the ease at which the super splitter cut though those logs!

CJ Gottheardt
Audubon, PA

I have a SuperSplit I bought in the late 70s, and I'm finally looking to replace the rubber stops. What a great splitter!

Ken Maxson
Eagle River, WI

Just wanted to drop a note and say this machine is everything you claim it to be and more. The 1.5 HP electric motor is nice and quiet and easily kept the flywheels spinning with quick recovery. Keep making this fine product.

Dave Johnson
Liberty, PA

It splits so fast, I was through with the whole wood pile in a couple of hours, then went over to my neighbor's house and split their wood. With this machine, wood splitting has become a fun activity instead of a chore. Love it!

Scott Fishe
Prosper, TX

I am a 71-year-old woman and have used your splitter for 30 years, splitting 20+ cord per year. I have loved it all of that time. Thank you!

Loretta MacLeod
Columbia, ME

I have been processing firewood for almost 30 years. All I can say is "Why haven't I ever heard of this thing before?" I wish I had known about your product many years ago.

David J. Whitney
Thomson, IL

I heard the SuperSplit had a 3-second cycle time. I was skeptical so I rented it to try it out. We have owned our SuperSplit since that weekend in 1984. In that time, it has easily split several thousand cords of wood, and still has the original rack and pinion, and all major components. It is an amazing splitting machine.

John M. Zube
Derry, NH

Your engagement is so effortless that my dad, who is 73 years young, won't give me a chance to run it! Awesome machine, I love it!

Mitch Cook
Marion, IN